Turning Disaster into Knowledge

GEER-022/May 2010
Report of the National Science Foundation-Sponsored Geoengineering Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) Team


Jonathan Bray (University of California, Berkeley)
David Frost (Georgia Institute of Technology)

GEER Team Leaders:

Jonathan Bray (University of California, Berkeley)
Terry Elderidge (Golder Associates)
David Frost (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Christian Ledezma (Pontificia University Catolica de Chile)
Ramon Verdugo (Universidad de Chile)

Report Lead Authors:

Pedro Arduino (University of Washington)
Scott Ashford (Oregon State University)
Dominic Assimaki (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Jonathan Bray (University of California Berkeley)
Terry Eldridge (Golder Associates)
David Frost (Georgia Insistute of Technology)
Youssef Hashash (University of Illinois)
Tara Hutchinson (University of California, San Diego)
Laurie Johnson (Laurie Johnson Consulting)
Keith Kelson (Fugro William Lettis & Assoc.)
Robert Kayen (US Geological Survey)
Christian Ledezma (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
Robb Moss (California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo)
George Mylonakis (University of Patras)
Scott Olson (University of Illinois)
Kyle Rollins (Brigham Young University)
Nicholas Sitar (University of California, Berkeley)
Jonathan Stewart (University of California, Los Angeles)
Alfredo Urzúa (Prototype Engineering Inc.)
Ramon Verdugo (Universidad de Chile)
Rob Witter (DOGAMI)
Nick Zoa (University of Maryland)

Contributing Authors:

David Baska (Terracon)
Jim Bay (Utah State University)
Rodrigo Betanzo (Universidad de Concepcion)
Ramon Boroschek (Universidad de Chile)
Gabriel Candia (University of California, Berkeley)
Leonardo Dorador (Universidad de Chile)
Aldo Faúndez (Servicio de Salud Arauco)
Gabriel Ferrer (Pontificia University Catolica de Chile)
Lenart González (Golder Associates)
Katherine Jones (University of California, Berkeley)
Dong Youp Kwak (University of California, Los Angeles)
Jaimé Salazar Lagos (Burgos Arquitectos)
José Miguel Lopez (Vale Exploraciones)
Walter Lopez (University of California Los Angeles)
Claudio Medina (Golder Associates)
Eduardo Miranda (Stanford University)
Gonzalo Montalva (Universidad de Concepcion)
Sebastian Maureira (Universidad de Chile)
William Siembieda (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo)
Constanza Tapia (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)
Mesut Turel (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Claudia Welkner (Golder Associates)

GEER Association Report No. GEER-022

Version 2: May 25, 2010


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation through the Geotechnical Engineering Program under Grant No. CMMI-0825734 and through the RAPID CMMI-Proposal No. 1034831.  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSF.  The GEER Association is made possible by the vision and support of the NSF Geotechnical Engineering Program Directors: Dr. Richard Fragaszy and the late Dr. Cliff Astill. The RAPID proposal was recommended by Dr. John L. Daniels. GEER members also donate their time, talent, and resources to collect time-sensitive field observations of the effects of extreme events.  The GEER Association web site, which contains additional information, may be found at: