Event Date : 08-24-2016
Location : Central Italy
Report Date : 09-15-2016
Event Category: Earthquake
Sequence of Events: Yes
EQ Magnitude : INGV 6.0, 5.9, 6.5
Report Number: GEER-050
DOI: doi:10.18118/G61S3Z
Event Latitude: 42.69561
Event Longitude: 13.251019
Jonathan P.    Stewart (UCLA)
Giuseppe    Lanzo (Sapienza University of Rome)
Collaborators: Italian Geotechnical Society; Italian Center for Seismic Microzonation and its Applications; Consortium ReLUIS, Centre of Competence of Department of Civil Protection; DIsaster RECovery Team of Politecnico di Torino

From August to October of 2016, central Italy experienced a devastating sequence of earthquakes that produced nearly complete destruction of several historic villages, some massive landslides, pronounced surface fault rupture on a normal fault system, extensive sets of ground motion recordings, and many other effects. GEER responded to this disaster with a first reconnaissance in September 2016 (following the 24 August event) and a second in November-December 2016 (following events on 26 and 30 October). The reports can be found below. For each mobilization, an initial report is followed by a detailed report. 3D models of damage areas are available at BYU-PRISM: http://prismweb.groups.et.byu.net/gallery2/2016%20Central%20Italy%20Earthquakes/

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Report Part 1 - 24 August event Version 1 09-15-2016
Table S1 Version 1 11-22-2016
Table S2 Version 1 11-22-2016
Report Part 1 - 24 August event Version 2 11-22-2016
Report Part 2 - October events Version 1 01-09-2017
Report Part 2 - October events Version 2 05-08-2017
Electronic Supplement to Chapter 3 Version 1 05-08-2017
Table S1 Version 2 05-08-2017
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