Tennesee Floods, May 2010

The GEER Steering Committee is comprised of volunteers drawn from the GEER membership who meet regularly to guide the overall decision making and leadership of the GEER Association and also agree on the events and team leaders for GEER reconnaissance efforts.

Steering Committee

david frost David Frost PhD, PE Georgia Institute of Technology, Chair of GEER
shideh dashti Shideh Dashti PhD University of Colorado at Boulder, Co-Chair of GEER
jon stewart Jonathan Stewart PhD, PE University of California, Los Angeles, Co-Chair of GEER
ellen rathje Ellen Rathje PhD, PE University of Texas at Austin
scott anderson Scott Anderson PhD, PE BGC Engineering
youssef hashash Youssef Hashash PhD, PE University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
laurie johnson Laurie Johnson PhD, AICP Laurie Johnson Consulting | Research
joe wartman Joseph Wartman PhD, PE University of Washington
lee wooten Lee Wooten PE GEI Consultants